The founder of the company, Mr. Wu Chao, came to Guangzhou from a remote village in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province. Fortunately, he met Mr. Liang Yonggang from Guangmei and entered the architectural model industry. Under the training of his mentor, he said goodbye to the teacher after three years and six months and began his lifelong dream of modeling.


With the love and dedication to models, Wu established Limei Model Technology Department in Haizhu District, Guangzhou in June, and began to engage in the research and development of architectural model materials and technology application innovation, and began to operate model materials and provide technical services!


We have successfully introduced electrostatic spraying technology to the whole industry, and the application of ABS and acrylic in the model.


We have successfully introduced the standard manufacturing process and products of the whole series of wire street trees to the whole industry.


We have successfully implemented the application of led copper street lamps and injection mould products in the whole industry.


Guangzhou Limei Model Design Co., Ltd. was established, we began to Limei unique technology research and development and application, intelligent light control, intelligent dynamic cars, dynamic ships, lifting system, real water circulation, multimedia interactive system, this year, our technology leading the industry!