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What are the characteristics of the commercial building model

Architectural model is an indispensable review item in architectural design and urban planning scheme because it shows the spatial effect of design scheme with its unique imagery. Architectural model making has become an independent discipline in many departments such as architecture, planning or exhibition at home and abroad. In CG, building models are made using 3D computer software. This is different from some industrial architectural models.

Architectural model plays a very important role in architectural performance design. Architectural model is helpful to the deliberation of design creation, can intuitively reflect the design intention, and make up for the limitations of drawing in performance. Architectural model is not only a part of the design process, but also a form of expression of design, which is widely used in urban construction, real estate development, commercial housing sales, design bidding and investment cooperation, etc.

Architectural model and architectural rendering are often combined together, very closely related to the two design stages. Made in a very good building model on the basis of architectural rendering and other related production, not only can make the designer's work efficiency is greatly improved, and it works, the building model and rendering in appropriate proportion and form, will be able to get the favour of customers, reflects his deep of architectural model making skills.

The architectural model has the following basic features:

Architectural model is a means to show the appearance and spatial relationship of buildings or groups in architectural design. For modern buildings with advanced technology, complex functions and varied artistic forms, it is especially necessary to use architectural models for design and creation.

In the preliminary design that is, the architectural model of the scheme design stage is called the working model, which can be made simply for processing and disassembly.

Materials available sludge, cardboard and plastic, etc.

After the preliminary design is completed, more elaborate architectural models can be made, that is, architectural models can be displayed for approval of the design scheme. Displaying architectural models requires revealing the interior space, interior furnishings, structure and so on of key building rooms, and showing the real proportion, shape, color, texture and planning environment of buildings. The making of such architectural models is intended to achieve the intention and conception of design creation.

Display building models are generally made of wood, plywood, plastic, plexiglas and sheet metal. Therefore, we say that architectural model is an indispensable and important project in architectural design and urban planning.