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Celebrating the completion of another big project

Yucheng Golden Bay Model -- Celebrate the perfect completion of this project model. Yucheng Jinwan Project is located in the center of Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City, adjacent to the main road Shennong Road, and only 100 meters away from Jieshi South Road. It is a high-end urban complex integrating high-end residential, large commercial and high-end apartments, with a total floor area of 122,412.6 square meters, plot ratio of 2.99, and a total construction area of 514,208.79 square meters. Building double underground parking lots, a total of more than 3,400 parking Spaces. The overall area of the model is 5.3 meters *3.3 meters, and the ratio is 1:150. The model is made in strict accordance with the CAD drawings and effect drawings provided by the customer. The group of buildings in the room is designed in the form of the existing plots and adopts the "streamlined" modern coastal architectural style. The proportion of 25, door model the tonal collocation of color is harmonious, elegant environment greening configuration and thought that modern residential industrialization design concept, introduced as a starting point, plate using a lot of light effects to photocopy a highlight parts such as rivers, grass, road, overall effect reflects a kind of decorous temperament, let a person see it won't feel very complex inside there is a simple and do not break decorous.