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The model of Foshan Xinkai Square project has been completed

Foshan Xinkai Plaza -- Foshan Xinkai Plaza has a total construction area of 224,000 square meters, including 36,000 square meters of commercial area in the first phase, and 188,000 square meters of international Grade A office buildings in the second phase, consisting of two floors of 30 floors and 41 floors, respectively 129 meters high and 190 meters high. The overall model scale is 1:80, 6 meters long, 4 meters wide, 4 meters *6 meters. The sand table model of Xinkai Square was made in strict accordance with the CAD drawings and effect drawings provided by the other party, and the overall project was reflected in the way of solid sand table model. The building proportion and road alignment were correct, the environment was green and the color was harmonious, and the sand table building environment had lighting effect.